In The Beginning – 

Everything is connected

This first panel begins as a story on a scroll as were early books that held words that told stories but most scrolls were not image driven.


It begins in the heavens and that’s why this scroll is black with the first concept you find here in the three-letter root that says Orh. Orh is the core concept light and it’s represented by these three Hebrew letters.


This is the tallit, made of light and stars. Each corner has an eyelet and hanging from the eyelet is usually a set of threads. These threads become our threads of connection whether they’re actual or virtual.


They’re commanded to be on the corners of prayer shawl. The threads themselves are wrapped and knotted and twisted as if they’re wrestling within themselves, wrestling the root here the three-letter root is the root for the word Israel and it comes from the story of Jacob who wrestled with the angel. Jacob was a God wrestler and that’s what this is about, the wrestling.


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