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Illuminated Letters: Threads of Connection, is more than a work of art, it is a way to connect with the roots of language and see how they give birth to human values. Stay tuned to this site to learn more about Sara and how this work can impact the world around us!


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My intent is to offer you the rare opportunity to self-actualize, inspire, and ignite personal thoughts about connections to nature, the world, and perceptions about the universe. Comment on my posts and interact with me about how this work impacts your life!

Introduction to Illuminated Letters: Threads of Connection

How It All Began –  My work began with a question from a friend.  She remembered a story about burning Torah scroll where the letters don’t get burned but the letters are released and they go up to the heavens. She said:

Illuminated Letters: Threads of Connection – Understanding Panel 1

In The Beginning –  Everything is connected This first panel begins as a story on a scroll as were early books that held words that told stories but most scrolls were not image driven.   It begins in the heavens and that’s

Illuminated Letters: Threads of Connection – Understanding Panel 2

Paradise –  The second segment of the installation begins with Pardes, Paradise or Orchard. This second book is an accordion book that begins with the idea of trees. These are the same concepts that are on the first panel. You see at

Illuminated Letters: Threads of Connection – Panel 3

“These letters are now released from the trees into the atmosphere and then going back up to the heavens” Torah Ohrah –  The title of this section is Torah Ohrah: Torah of light, light of Torah. Torah means the teaching and its